Ski lesson for kids – when?

At some point, all parents with a passion for skiing will have to ask themselves when their children are ready for the slopes. It is generally recommended to be between three and four years old. From this age on, the little ones have the necessary physical and motor skills: strength, coordination and endurance. Children should not start cross-country skiing until the age of four to five, due to the required body tension and coordination ability. Snowboarding is recommended from the age of six to seven, because the essential sense of balance in the middle ear is not fully developed until this age.

Kids ski lesson - What is the best age to start skiing?

Of course, the individual abilities and needs of the children must always be considered. While some are very motorically gifted and can and want to start skiing early, others may not be interested or motivated yet. Then the parents should better wait a little so that the children don’t lose the joy of skiing.

For the very little ones, it’s all about getting in touch with the snow and having fun at the same time! In the first ski lesson no new stars on the ski sky have to be born, but it is important to create a basis for many beautiful hours together on the ski runs.

The big advantage of a children’s ski lesson is that most ski schools have their own practice area where the little ones can take their first steps in the snow undisturbed, safely and with professional help.

To make sure that your child is on the right skiing lesson, we have created the following guidelines:

2-3 years: first playful steps in the snow
3-4 years: ready for the first ski lessons
4-6 years: development of motor skills
7-12 years: correct application of what has been learned so far
13-16 years: fun and action on the slopes

What kind of equipment does my child need?

In addition to skis, well-fitting boots and poles (in beginner lessons without), the child needs a helmet, ski goggles and gloves as well as waterproof, warm and breathable clothing and sun cream with a high sun protection factor. As soon as the children can ski on the prepared slopes, a back protector is recommended.

Should we rent or buy the equipment?

We recommend renting the equipment. It is not worth buying skis for children in the growing phase, as the skis you buy will quickly become too short and you constantly have to buy longer skis. Moreover, many ski hire shops offer that the skis for children up to a certain age can be hired free of charge if the parents hire their skis from the ski hire shop.

How long do the lessons last?

Small children usually attend the lesson in the morning or afternoon for 2 hours. For older children it is also possible to book a 4 hour lesson (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon).

Can parents take part in the children’s first lessons?

We recommend to watch the lessons only from a distance. Experience has shown that it usually works better if the parents are not standing right next to them. However, you should inform the ski instructor about any special features of your child.

Is it a problem if the child is not yet able to take the ski lift alone?

Taking the ski lift is learned in the ski school. There is usually a conveyor belt and a children’s lift in the Kinderland before the children go to the t-bar.

What progress can be expected after a week’s skiing lesson?

For the little beginners it is great if they can get on the conveyor belt independently at the end of the week and come down a slope. Children from the age of 9 can usually follow their ski instructor on a blue slope after only three days.


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