What technical innovations have ski manufacturers come up with for this winter season? We have examined the new skis for 2019 and put them together for you.

Two major trends can be seen in the new models for this winter. On the one hand there are race skis for amateurs with technology from the race pros. On the other hand there is the all mountain ski, a comfortable ski that forgives mistakes easily, but also performs very well and makes it possible to speed up.

One thing is for sure, this winter you can look forward to light, playful and robust models. They contain modern materials such as carbon, titanium and innovative constructions such as lighter (wooden) cores.




Atomic Vantage 1819

Vantage (all mountain ski)

Vantage, the next generation of lighter, more stable all-mountain skis is very powerful. Atomic took a different approach when it came to building a ski that was strong enough for fast descents, but also light enough to carry it up the mountain longer. This is ensured with the new Prolite construction. It is based on an ultra-thin chassis, built on titanium inserts. Only in the key areas reinforcements are added to the ski, resulting in a reactive, gripping ski – without the extra grams.

Atomic Redster S / X 1819

Redster (racing ski)

The new Redster series integrates the company’s latest racing technology: the World Cup innovation Servotec. It provides agility in the swing and maximum stability when skiing straight ahead. World Cup skiers Marcel Hirscher and Mikaela Shiffrin are currently also using this material. The race ski performs excellently on both slalom turns and giant slalom curves. This makes the Atomic skis the ideal and flexible companion for daily use on the slopes.




Fischer Ranger 102 FR 1819

Ranger (all mountain, freeride ski)

Fischer is also focusing this winter on the freeride and touring area. A highlight this season is the “Ranger”. The versatility of the Fischer Ranger inspires in all terrains and snow conditions. Thanks to the shape of a freeski rocker and a light twin tip, it masters short curves, long curves or bumps. The wooden core of the ski and the titanium inserts give it both stability and resilience. The convex arc between the edges – called aeroshape – developed by Fischer helps the skier to make quick turns.




Head V-Shape 1819

V-Shape (allround / all mountain ski)

The V-Shape series is known as the “enjoy-ski” of Head. They are very light and perform very well in all snow conditions and in any terrain. The construction has been changed this winter with materials such as karuba wood and graphene. The shape of the V-shape series with a wide shovel and a narrow ski end makes it easy to turn and supports the initiation of the turn.

Head Kore99 1819

Kore (freeride ski)

A ski without compromise. The award-winning KORE series from HEAD was received with great enthusiasm on its debut last winter. The builders used light karuba wood and incredibly strong yet thin carbon graphene. The Head Kore has curved tips and ski ends and a curvature under the feet, but has a waist width which makes it fantastic to make turns in fresh snow as well as in heavy wet snow.




Nordica Enforcer Pro Flat 1819

Enforcer (all mountain ski)

Der neue Enforcer von Nordica macht bei unterschiedlichen Bedingungen richtig Laune. Nordicas stumpfe Nasenform verbessert den Auftrieb im Tiefschnee und dämpft Vibrationen. Die Energy2 Titanium Construction schließt den Buchen- und Pappelholzkern sandwichartig zwischen zwei Titanalplatten ein, um ein kraftvolles Fahrgefühl zu erzeugen. Dieser Ski muss nicht von den stärksten Skifahrern gefahren werden, um das Beste aus ihm herauszuholen.

Nordica Dobermann GSR RB FDT 1819

Dobermann (racing ski)

Nordica also has the Dobermann racing ski in its range. The ski has all-round qualities for various slopes as well as precision and stability for performance. The technology is based on a wooden core, carbon glass layers and a carbon race bridge. The developers benefit from the collaboration with World Cup athletes Felix Neureuther and Dominik Paris and develop the line further every season. For this winter the shape has been optimized. The improved shovel radius provides more balance, controlled steering and more power. The centre of the ski has been narrowed to make the swings more dynamic. In addition, the gliding characteristics have been improved by extending the contact surface.




Rossignol Sky 7 HD 1819

Sky 7 HD (all mountain / backcountry ski)

Unchanged from last season, the Sky 7 HD features a Powder Turn Rocker and the Carbon Alloy Matrix. The Sky 7 HD is strongly curved at the top and the end of the ski and floats in the deep snow. Thanks to the improved pivot point, it glides through the trees. Rossignols Carbon Alloy Matrix dampens vibrations and improves edge hold on firm snow. The Air Tip 2.0 serves as a weight reduction technique with minimal swing weight for easier manoeuvring.

Rossignol Hero Elite 1819

Hero (racing ski)

For fast skiers with good control, Rossignol offers the Hero series. This ski also originates from the ski races, with Henrik Kristoffersen currently as the most famous World Cup skier who uses this material. In the wooden core of the ski, a vertical titanium layer is integrated, which gives the ski the necessary strength and minimizes the negative bending. In this way, the fast carving skis remain calm at high speeds and do not start to flap.




Salomon T XDR 84 TI Warden 1819

XDR (all mountain ski)

The versatile carving skis from Salomon stand out due to their excellent carving performance, yet they have a playful character. This is due to the pronounced rocker as well as an early bevel in the tips and ends of the skis. This helps to be more agile and versatile in soft snow conditions. For this winter season they have been updated with C/FX 3. This gave them twice the amount of carbon and flax. The core is poplar wood.

Salomon S-Race Shot GS 1819

S/Race & S/Max Skis (racing ski)

Both series are designed for frontside carving. Here Salomon relies on Edge Amplifier technology. This is a construction technique in which the developers use two full titanium plates and ABS sidewalls all around the Race-S wooden core. The World Cup construction was developed to transfer 100% of the power to the edge of the ski and thus to the snow. Performance and precision are thus increased.




Stöckli Laser SL 1819

Laser (racing ski)

The slalom ski, which emerged from the World Cup, convinces with its playful lightness, with which it swings through any kind of slope conditions. Even at high speeds, the ski has a good grip and the power transmission is optimal. For this season the precision has been further improved. Stöckli relies on VRT technology, which has been adopted from racing. The Stöckli models now feature wider edges and robust surfaces. This is intended to prolong the life of the ski. Especially in rental shops, where the skis are subject to intensive wear and tear, the skis are to remain in a new condition for a longer time.

Stöckli O Tree 1819

0 Tree (Allround Ski)

The new O Tree skis from Stöckli are very light and stand out with their dynamic handling characteristics and elegant design. For this winter, the ski builders have mainly optimised the materials in terms of sustainability. The use of bamboo and natural rubber minimizes the ecological footprint.




Völkl Deacon 76 Pro 1819

Deacon (racing ski)

After a decade of ski companies focusing on width, height and rocker technology, the Deacon suddenly brings back race-oriented recreational skiing for those looking for performance on hard snow. The Völkl Deacon was designed with speed and liveliness in mind. The Deacon gets the sportiness and precision of a racing ski thanks to the 3D glass construction, a fibreglass plate that wraps around the core of the ski and the edges, to promote edge grip and a natural flex in the middle. The ski is ideal for fast skiers who like smooth slopes, but are also looking for a challenge on moguls or ski routes.

Völkl M5 Mantra 1819

Mantra (all mountain / freeride ski)

For years Mantra has been one of the leaders in the all mountain category. The Mantra is a ski that feels as natural on heavy snow or icy ground as it does when skiing through 15 cm of fresh powder snow. The Mantra is a powerful ski designed for aggressive skiers who are looking for a ski with extra metal (and therefore weight) rather than being afraid of it.